Monday, August 21, 2017


After bringing Nimrod north in May, she has lived in Abell Point Marina. This week we are taking part in the Audi Hamilton Island Race Week, and it is a lot of fun.

Seawind Street

Race control said: '215 boats starting in Dent Passage, 25 knots of wind, 4 knots of tide, three aircraft arrivals. What could possibly go wrong?' 

Well, our start for one thing!

But some great fast sunny sailing.

Avalanche, a beautiful Gary Lidgard 54' fast cat.

Here overtaking Talisker, a souped up Seawind 1160


Heatwave, a Lightwave 45


Seeadler, a new Seawind 1160 lite


Nimrod close-tacking up between Henning and Dent Islands (thanks to Lucy Pallis)

Monday 21st

A not entirely uncomplicated day. 😟 We got entangled with a mark when there was little wind and a rushing tide pushing us against the buoy.

Nimrod parked on the buoy (photo from a helicopter)

Another boat (see approaching on extreme left of the picture above) then crashed into us, and claimed that we had used our engines to reverse into them! A protest ensued. We had to plead guilty to hitting the mark and using our engines to escape, but the other boat was held responsible for the collision.

This shows us tethered to the buoy by our stern, while the condomaran first hits the buoy, then us.

The judgement of the protest jury is here. 

Results for the day here

Whale calf waving as the fleet goes past

Happy crew

Kite panorama




Scarlett on HDR

Scarlett and Nimrod (thanks to Paquita Fadden)


Star Dust

Tropical Sunset

Tropical Sunset and Vivacious cross the finish line

Wight Dog

Tuesday August 22nd

Not much wind, so the start was delayed several times. Eventually we got going from a start-line to the east of Hamilton Island and had a short course around the south of the island, and then up Dent Passage for a finish.

Some pretty scenes of colourful kites.

Black Jack


Simple Pleasures

Vivacious passing Pentecost Island

Hammo at night

The marina

Hammo Yacht Club

Friday 25th

Wednesday was a scheduled 'lay day'. Thursday racing was cancelled from lack of wind. Today was brisk, about 20 knots from the south gusting to 30 knots.

Seawinds have a big roached mainsail, and small rudders. Easy to get over-pressed with too much weather helm. We had a few scary moments trying to bear away under pressure and the helm not responding. 'Dump the main!' yelled in panic. Close tacking through the Fitzalan Pass with rocks on one side and boats on starboard tack on the other was nerve-wracking. We put a reef in the mainsail and immediately things got a lot easier.


Wild Oats XI




Toy Box


Wight Dog

Saturday 26th

Another day with lovely conditions; sun and a fair breeze between 10 and 20 knots. We went around Lindeman Island and back to the finish line in Dent Passage.

Miz Behavin passing Pentecost Island

Vivacious on the return leg

Nimrod on the right (thanks to Lucy)

Condor overtaking

Cutwater with a yellow kite

An elegant mono between Shaw Island and Lindeman Island

George on a winch

Kites entering Dent Passage before the finish

St Arnou crossing the line

Monos approaching the finish line in Dent Passage

Eckhard and Cherie Platen of Seeadler; happy winners of todays race.