Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Salvage operation

Tuesday 18th.

Sitting quietly in Townsville marina doing repairs and jobs on the boat. We had a lovely meal last night with our friends Lucy and Mal, who moved up here from the Gold Coast a few years ago. Lucy is an obstetrician, and they have a beautiful Schionning catamaran called 'Barbarella', and a house with an amazing view of Maggie Island.

After leaving Bowen, we had a bit of excitement. We were out to sea near Cape Upstart with the kite up when George spotted a floating tinnie behind us. We thought there might have been someone in distress with an outboard failure, so we dropped the kite and motored back, ready to resuscitate a dehydrated fisherman.

No-one to be seen. So we took it in tow and pulled it all the way to Townsville.

We passed it on to the water police. It turns out it had broken its rope in the Gloucester Passage and blown out to sea.

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