Thursday, May 19, 2016


We did a tour around the main island of Tongatapu, and did some provisioning. A few sights to see. The prominence of the royal family, pigs, churches, and cemeteries were striking. People were friendly, and we felt safe.

Pigs working the mudflats

George working the Talamahu market

More in the Talamahu market

Fishmarket on the wharf

Safety instruction poster

Musos playing in a cafe called 'Friends'.

Muso's fashion head-dress

More fashion. This mat is called a ta'ovala. A large tatty one signifies that the wearer was close to a deceased person at a recent funeral.

There is an island about thirty minutes away from Nuku'alofa called Pangaimotu. It is a pleasant place to hang out, and features the Big Mama Yacht Club and Bar.


  1. Informative as always and has us doing some last minute checks and changes before we leave! Bought some 4mm Spectra today to redo the tramps. Photos beautiful as always David. We hope you and George continue having a great time.