Friday, August 19, 2016


We have been in Savusavu for the last four days, hiding from the constant rain, and reprovisioning.

The rain reflects the fact that the SPCZ is draped across Fiji.

Savusavu is a fun place, a major port of call on the international yacht cruising circuit, with about 100 western yachts here, some staying here for years. Their crews are an interesting collection of people from lots of different countries. They hang out in the local watering-holes and shoot the breeze.

One particular character is Curly Carswell, a Kiwi Vietnam vet who is one of the yachting gurus of the South Pacific. A most entertaining and jovial man who runs seminars on navigating around Fiji's complex and dangerous coral reefs. He also wakes the anchorage every morning to host the local VHF net, a sort of weather and mutual help and discussion group on the radio for the cruising fleet.

This is his wake-up call.


He is restoring one of 22 yachts that were wrecked by TC Winston six months ago. 

There were many repair jobs going on in the area.

Tropical cyclone Winston - February 20th 2016

Cousteau Dive Resort jetty being repaired 

Plenty of damaged boats going for a song for dreamers with practical skills who want to go cruising.

Dinghy on mudflats off Hibiscus Highway

Rainforest in the Savusavu Bay caldera

Fishing in the rain, Savusavu Bay

Everywhere friendliness

Some pretty classy boats

Nice walks along the shore

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