Thursday, September 8, 2016

Fire-dance show

When we were in Savusavu, some other yachties strongly recommended that we leave Nimrod in Denarau rather than Vuda Marina, and also that we attend the fire-dance show at the Robinson Crusoe Resort on Likuri Island, just south of Nadi.

So after arriving at Denarau, and getting most of our jobs done, we rented a car to explore.

We loved a botanical garden called The Garden of the Sleeping Giant.

The fire-dance show involved being picked up from a jetty and taken by boat to Likuri Island. Yachties could anchor there themselves, but we had run out of time when we were in the area.

The show was indeed spectacular, and to be recommended. 

There were moments when it became a bit 'cruise-shippy', and we heard the chant 'Bula' more times than we needed, but the main effect was that the locals were making a good effort to monetise their culture in a world with limited need for the things that Fiji produces, while still keeping some level of authenticity. A very difficult balancing act!

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