Thursday, November 10, 2016

Imaginary Island

You wouldn't think that, in 2016, with planes and satellites, that there could be any uncertainty left about the existence of significant land masses on Earth.

Yet there are.

Look at this image from Google Earth Pro, with national boundaries turned on.

As you can see, it has a yellow line around it, just as NewCal does.

Navionics is also into it.

They describe it as 'Presumed Position of Sandy Island'. And it is right in our way. So it seemed like an opportunity to discover a new island and conquer it. Call it Nimrod Island. Civilize natives, etc.

Or possibly prove it doesn't really exist.

So we set a cursor just before we were due to hit it, so we could pay special attention to the depth meter, and be careful.

This is what happened, as shown on our chartplotter.

No sign of anything. We crossed the area as shown above. Deep water everywhere.

A search on the net turns up several articles about the 'non-existent' island.

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