Monday, March 20, 2017

Grand-parenting on Lord Howe Island

My daughter Anna lives in Melbourne with her partner Sim, and daughter Aelie (3½). We try to meet up every few months. This time was on Lord Howe Island, one of George's favourite places. We have been advised by friends who live there that it is better to fly there and enjoy it from the land, rather than sail across dodgy seas to an uncomfortable anchorage.

We had a lovely week together, staying at Leanda Lei, near the centre and an easy walk or bike-ride to a shop, the museum and the beach.

Here are some photos.


Sim and Aelie

Using a 'Spy-board'

Friendly fish at Ned's Beach (where fishing is forbidden).

Mounts Lidgbird and Gower

Bikes outside the museum

Parrot fish

Anna and Sim climbing Mount Gower

Providence petrel (Pterodroma solandri)

Female Lord Howe Golden Whistler (Pachycephala pectoralis contempta), I think

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