Monday, April 10, 2017

Wide Bay Bar - update May 2017

A new survey has been performed by MSQ, and reported on 4th May 2017.

Here is a section of the survey.

The directional light on Hook Point has been moved to a bearing of 270/090. As you can see below, that takes you over about 500 metres with less than 5 metres depth; the minimum depth being 3.7 metres.

My own view is that the light should be ignored, and waypoints should be published regularly by MSQ.

An alternative route crosses a narrow spot with a minimum depth of 5.0 metres

Looking at the latest survey, reasonable waypoints would be:

1) 25° 47.7'S, 153° 08'E, 
2) 25° 46.8'S, 153° 07'E,

That would keep you in water more than 5 metres deep.

A more complex option that is still reasonable, would be to put in some extra waypoints.

First Waypoint      A = 25°48'S,      153°08'E,
Second Waypoint  B = 25°47.23'S, 153°07.38'E,
Third Waypoint     C = 25°47'S,      153°07'E,
Fourth Waypoint   D = 25°47'S,      153°06.73'E,  On line of Inskip Point leads.
Fifth waypoint       E = 25°48'S,      153°05'E,  near Inskip Point.

I plan to use these waypoints when we sail up the coast in early May.

All at your own risk. Check with Tin Can Bay Coast Guard (Tel: 0419 798 651).

This photo was taken by a pilot flying over the area on a calm day; 5th August 2018.

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  1. Thanks this was very helpful. Just completed cruising using your two waypoints. Agreed with you interpretation of the recent survey. Momentarily got to 5.5mtrs Inc 1.5mtrs tide. Thanks again