Thursday, November 4, 2010

Lady Musgrave Island

After Yeppoon, George and I set off alone for the next leg. First out to Great Keppel Island, which has lovely bays and walks, and is much nicer than suggested by the resort promotion 'Get Wrecked on Great Keppel'.

Then down to Yellow Patch on Curtis Island, Facing Island near Gladstone, and Pancake Creek, before heading out to sea to the atoll lagoon on the Great Barrier Reef, Lady Musgrave Island. The island is tiny, but the lagoon is huge, with a very narrow entrance in the coral.

There we were met by our friends Steve and Sue, who come from across the valley in Austinville.

They are both keen photographers, which inspired attempts to capture some of the masses of White-capped noddy terns on the island.

Pirelli Calendar girl

We also had fun snorkeling on the reef, and diving with our 12 volt Powerdive compressor, which allows you to go down to 10 metres without a scuba tank. Beautiful!

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