Friday, March 18, 2011

Navigating north by temp

One of the curious things about navigating in this part of the world is the use of different instruments. After four nights in Port Stephens, which is a lovely bay, we are heading home now, trying to avoid the southerly set of the East Australian Current.

This involves getting a recent infra-red satellite picture of the EAC, and using the thermometer attached to the log paddle-wheel to try and stay in the cold north-bound eddies, (blue and green) and avoid the warm current itself (red).
23rd Feb 2011
17th March 2011
By sneaking in along the coast and watching the thermometer and drift rate, we can make a lot more progress. Its also interesting to watch the coastline.

We hit quite a squall when approaching Port MacQuarie, with lightning and wind hitting 57 knots. The Hastings River was peaceful, and we had company from a number of swallows.

Coffs Harbour tonight.

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