Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Back on board

Thursday 18th August.

George and I flew to Proserpine and loaded a minibus with provisions before going to Nimrod in the Laguana Quays marina.

Pond at Laguna Quays

All was well. Next day we sailed to Hamilton Island and met Anna and her boyfriend Sim, who had arrived from Melbourne.

Sim and Anna

We then did a gentle circumnavigation of Whitsunday Island, doing some power-diving at Border Island, some walking at Hill Inlet and Whitehaven Beach, and some kayaking up Gulnare Inlet.

Power-diving (with a 12 volt compressor and hose).

Hill Inlet


As we dropped them off at Hamilton Island, the Hammo Race week fleet were starting a race, which was exciting.

Ouch! That looks expensive!

The two of us are now setting off south for Yeppoon over the next two weeks. Currently holed up on Shaw Island in some strong wind.

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