Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Waiting for the trades to ease

GRIB files are very useful maps of future wind speed and direction. We can get a fairly accurate image of the next 7 days, and plan accordingly. Over the last week we have been staring at maps with a mass of 20-30 knot arrows all pointing in exactly the opposite direction to where we need to go.

We use the PocketGrib app in the iPad, or I have recently discovered zyGrib for the Mac.

So we have been 'hanging out' or 'gunkholing' first in Island Head Creek, and today in Port Clinton. Another big crab. George cooks the most fabulous crab chowder.

Island Head Creek is one of our favourite places, so it has been extremely relaxing.

Island Head Creek

Island Head Creek

Port Clinton

But tomorrow is the big push, so we have to make it south to Rosslyn Bay marina, put the boat into mothballs, and then fly home on Friday.

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