Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Passage making

As I mentioned, we have been held up by southerlies, living a very relaxing life in Yamba. Now the weather window has opened up, and the other side of the cruising life appears. Passage-making.

The major current down the east coast is the EAC (East Australian Current). It changes, but satellite image of water temperature shows where it is (the orange bit), and how far out we must go to ride it.

Its always exciting preparing for a passage. Trying to work out the weather, tides, bars, and risks.

Yamba river the night before.

This shot of the chart-plotter shows us in the middle, with wind and current vectors, and four huge vessels bearing down on us. We have to dodge out of their way.

A Japanese container ship.


A Noddy tern hitching a ride.

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