Friday, May 25, 2012

Sandy Strait to Bundy

We spent a peaceful night up Kauri Creek, on the mainland side of the Great Sandy Strait.

 Pelican at Kauri Creek

We left at dawn, and motor-sailed up through the Great Sandy Strait to Urangan, managing to to get a fishing line round the prop, which involved a swim. Mental note: do not mix spinnakers and fishing!

 Hervey Bay

Sand banks and sky at Hervey Bay

A big day reprovisioning in Urangan, and various small repairs, before we spent the night on the Fraser Island side of the Strait at Moon Point.

 Welding a rod holder

Then on Thursday 24th, a big kite run across Hervey Bay to Bundaberg. The forecast is for a wet couple of days, so we aim to sit quietly here until the weather clears.

Bundaberg was badly trashed in the floods last year, and the town is feeling a bit sorry for itself.

 Flax and She-oaks

 Great Egret

Bundy sunset

 A Super Maramu

Tug and dredge as we left Bundy at dawn

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