Saturday, June 9, 2012

Keppel Bay

We went exploring a few places we haven't been before. Rodd's Harbour, and Colosseum Inlet, both lovely and relatively isolated.

Reflections at dawn in Colosseum Inlet

Then a kite run up the outside of Curtis Island to Cape Capricorn, where we met up with another Seawind called Phase 2.

Phase 2 arriving at Cape Capricorn

Phase 2 and Nimrod

Volcanic rocks on Cape Capricorn

The entrance to Yellow Patch at low tide


White-bellied Sea Eagle

Soldier crab

 Bush Thick-knee


As many will know, mammals come in three different sub-classes, the Placentals (us, cows, dogs, etc), the Marsupials, (kangaroos etc) and the Monotremes (platypuses, and echidnas).

 Rosslyn Bay marina

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  1. As always you make us want to get our trusty old Prado out for a bit of adventure. We have our new roof top tent now so we are keen as mustard!!! Great photos, especially the Osprey, but I would say that wouldn't I-:). Sue and Steve