Sunday, May 26, 2013

400 nautical mile sleigh ride!

We left Moon Point on Fraser Island at dawn on Thursday. The forecast was for several days of SW wind, backing to S and SE. Lets ride!

A red arrow with two feathers is 20 knots. 

The original plan was to sail non-stop, to emulate the endurance needed to do the crossing to New Cal that we had canceled. In the event we found the wind died at night, and there was no persuasive reason not to stop for a brief kip and regroup rather than motor through the night. Queensland offers many all-tide anchorages, so we called in at Pancake Creek (midnight to 3am), Pearl Bay (9.30pm - 3.30 am) and Scawfell Island (9.30pm - 7 am). 

Most of the sail was a fast 8 knot broad reach, with a run at the end. A kite run in the moonlight was particularly lovely into Scawfell on Saturday. Today, Sunday, we had a pretty strong 30-35 knot wind. Jib alone up through the Whitsundays to Airlie Beach.

Nimrod at about 8 knots.

Every mile we sailed north, it got warmer. You can see from our clothing.

Getting warmer

Altogether 400 nautical miles (730 km) in four days. Fast and fun.

The anchor winch threw a few cogs in River Heads, so we have been using the old CQR anchor on a rope since. It holds fine, but the rope can get all sorts of places. This morning in gusty Scawfell it got itself round the rudder, throughly jammed. I had to jump in with an underwater torch and mask to sort it out before we could leave.


Airlie Beach boats moored at sunset

Happy crew!

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