Monday, June 10, 2013

Mossman Gorge and Port Douglas

Barb and Jim very generously offered to lend us a car. Jim is a senior policeman, so we assumed we would get a car with a flashing blue light, and maybe a squad of motorcycle outriders. I fancied making a few arrests or something. But no blue light, and I couldn't even find the gun in the glove box.

But we had a great time anyway, cruising up the coast to the Mossman Gorge and Port Douglas.

Mossman Gorge

Kids playing in roots of strangler fig

Cricket on green of Port Douglas headland

Girls playing in banyan tree

Looking south from Port Douglas

Looking north to Port Douglas at low tide

 The Marlin Coast

 Harry the Roaster at Coffee World, Mareeba

Mungalli Falls

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