Thursday, October 31, 2013

Three shrink cruise

We are back on the road again. After catching up with Mal and Lucy, we sorted out a problem which occurred when the charging system fused, which led to freezer contents having a smelly melt-down. Mal kindly cleaned a lot of it up before we arrived. We are now sailing south from Townsville to the Whitsundays with our friends Brian and Meredith, who are both psychiatrists. The crew manifest thus contains three psychiatrists and one GP. George is more than holding her own.

The weather is being kind; gentle north-easterlies.

Townsville is an attractive town.

We had a nice meal in the Pier restaurant 

Water fun playground

Turtles mating

Anyone in? Osprey's nest on Cape Bowling Green

Pelicans on Cape Bowling Green

Meredith and George

Walking on Cape Bowling Green


Meredith spotting for crocs in Gulnare Inlet

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