Thursday, February 27, 2014

Resort decay

I think it would be interesting for some economist to review the last few years of Australian history: the mining boom being managed monetarily by high interest rates, leading to a high Aussie dollar, with all sorts of effects. The closing of Holden, Ford, and Toyota. The collapse of manufacturing in Australia. The mass movement of highly paid tradies into FIFO (fly in, fly out) jobs in the mines, pricing many other businesses out of the labour market.

Here we are sailing around on a Seawind 1160, which was built in Wollongong. Seawind went into receivership, and recovered by moving to Vietnam.

We have been visiting several islands. A few years ago, they held expensive resorts, to which people would fly for expensive luxury holidays. Some survive, but many have gone under. Sometimes there is a convenient cover story of a cyclone to help the finances with insurance contributions. But I am sure the real reason is the high Aussie dollar, and cheap flights to resorts in Thailand and Fiji.

 Last train at Brammo

 Deserted resort at Brampton Island

 Luxury beach pool trashed

Wallabies move in on the deserted tennis courts

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