Monday, February 9, 2015

Skiing in Hokkaido

We have taken our friends Brian and Meredith sailing a couple of times. They kindly took us skiing in Hokkaido, the north island of Japan. Here are some photos from the trip.

A stopover at the Narita Hilton. We had to slum it in the 8-room 'Royal Suite' after being upgraded!

New Chitose airport in Hokkaido. Snow

Approaching Furano by bus

Pension Lavender

Fireworks at the Furano Ice Festival

Great snow in the area. Minus 10 - 22 degrees while we were there

We haven't skied since 2003. Just like getting back on a bike

View of Tokachidake volcano from Pension Lavender

View from Pension Lavender

Taxi ride to Kamui ski-field

Brian, happy with a great day's skiing at Kamui

From the top of the gondola at Kitanomine

The four amigos at the top of Furano

Checking out Japanese restaurants in Furano. Careful of that ice!

Asahikawa Winter Festival. This whole 'building' is made of snow

Roast chestnuts

Foodie fanatics

Don't you wag your finger at me, young lady!

Dog crossed with sheep?

Looking for a restaurant in Asahikawa.

Asahikawa ice sculptures.

Then on to Abashiri on the north coast of Hokkaido by train.

The Deep North (short video)

Hokuten no Oka Tsuruga Resort

Sunset from the resort

Sunrise. HDR compilation of seven photos.

Next a trip on an icebreaker into the Sea of Okhotsk to see the sea ice. Seaman letting off the mooring lines.

Abishiri harbour light.

Sea ice. Fresh water from the Amur River in Russia flows down here so the sea is less saline than elsewhere.

White-tailed Sea Eagle on an ice floe.

Sea-eagle in flight

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