Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Images from Vava'u

George's brother Ken warned us that we might find Vava'u a bit tame. It is beautiful, the climate is lovely, and the people are friendly, but he is right. It's like a small Whitsundays, with palm trees, and lots of coral, but the distances and navigation are such that we haven't done much sailing. Rather we motor from one anchorage to another, have a snorkel, have a nice lunch, read, and relax.

Here are some pictures.

Some of the islands are very poor. This woman on Lape was cooking dumplings in a very primitive kitchen.

George trying on a 'kiekie', a sort of decorative apron woven from pandanus palm fronds, which you can see drying on the line on the right. See also the Japanese aid solar unit. The Chinese aid mostly goes to solar powered street lights. US aid seems to go to reinforcing churches to double as cyclone shelters. Water tanks often have 'Australian aid' written on them.

The east coast of Kenutu

This and the ones below are 'High Dynamic Range (HDR)' photos. Over-the-top for some, but interesting for others. From the east coast of Kenutu, facing the Pacific and the SE Trade winds.

A Spanish restaurant on Tapana Island called 'La Paella'. A lot of fun; it featured a superb tapas meal, and a Basque guitarist called Eduardo.

A fale at a resort near Neiafu, close to where we had a lovely quiet anchorage.

George and street kids

Tongan girls on Utungake

Matamaka primary school

George teaching: 'Inside your head is your brain'

Dave processing kids photos

Matamaka ferry in the rain

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  1. Just catching up on your Tongan adventures - so much to take in! I hope the historical and cultural legacies of Tonga are not too off putting - for better or worse they have made Tonga the unique place it is today. Thanks also Dave for the post on Google Earth charting. I will follow-up on the iPad app you use. We are currently moored off the island of Iraklia in the Small Cyclades - 9 islands down, many many to come. Stay safe. Bruce&Anne