Tuesday, May 23, 2017

The Long Paddock

There is a stretch between Shoalwater Bay and the Whitsundays where the sea is scattered with uninhabited islands. Some people regard it as a challenge to get through as quickly as possible. They head north from Island Head Creek, and perhaps stop once on Middle Percy Island before reaching the southern Whitsundays.

Middle Percy Island is famous, with its shrine to yachties paraphernalia, but the truth is that it is not a very comfortable anchorage. The south coast is lovely, but that is really only usable in a northerly. We like to stop there on the way south in October or November. See this blog entry from November 2015.

On the subject of déjà vu, check out this video we made exactly seven years ago on our first trip north in Nimrod.

After Island Head Creek, we sailed up to Hexham Island with a Seawind 1000 'Marvento', and hung out with a couple on board, Lindsay and Michelle.

Sunrise at Hexham Island

Next on to Hunter Island, one of the Duke Islands.

At present we are anchored at Curlew Island, about 25 nautical miles west of Middle Percy, and a lovely anchorage. Noel Patrick, whose 'Curtis Coast' cruising guide is a must-have, describes it: 'Curlew Island is one of the most beautiful. Anywhere.'

Curlew Island. At low tide there is a massive smooth beach. Oysters on the rocks.

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