Sunday, November 12, 2017

Matt's dream

We have now been holed up in Keppel Bay Marina at Rosslyn Bay near Yeppoon for about a week, while a strong south-east gale takes its time to get out of our way.

We have learned to avoid deadlines when cruising; if pressed to be somewhere at a certain time, whether because of a social or other commitment, Murphy's Law throws in a breakage or weather which can turn the pleasure of cruising into a dangerous or stressful activity. Instead, let's take our time, chill, and enjoy going with the flow.

Marinas can be interesting places. We meet all sorts of people from different walks of life.

Our next door neighbour here is Matt, fiftyish, a big man with hair down his shoulders, and the trace of a South African accent. He looks like a bikie. But friendly as, and a heart of gold. He lives in Vanuatu and runs a commercial diving business,  and also services cruise ships.

He was standing on an absolutely huge catamaran. Massive (25 metres), messy, and clearly a big job to clean up and get seaworthy. It has gradually been decaying in Yeppoon over several years, with the owner unable to pay the import duties or realistic costs of maintenance. This massive old super-yacht eventually sold for about the price of a Seawind 1160 like ours! Only to someone with the chutzpah and skills to take on a huge project. 

Matt is such a man.

I bought it yesterday!

The galley

The captain's boudoir

Andy, the sparky. Plenty to do.

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